Why support us?

Every year we take a team down to Mexico to help put on Celebrando Navidad. The trip takes about five days total with the very first and last spent in transit. 

We spend the first day there in preparation for the celebration. Packing gift bags with toiletries, cloths and other essential that many don't have access to.

The second day we spend the day going door to door inviting everyone we meet to the celebration the following day and talking with them about Jesus.


The day of Celebrando we set up games, a stage and light the cook fires. There are drawings for housewares, cloths, sometimes even a house! 

In addition to our mission trips to Mexico we have had member go to the Dominican Republic and the Congo. There are also opportunities to go to Nicaragua. We believe we are meant to reach the least and the lost. Help us on our journey.





Carthage, MO


Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF or youth group)                                                             Sundays @ 5 p.m.



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